Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prague Day 1, after Night 1

However you slice it, Prague is wonderful, great vibes and great people, at least so far. The apartment's cat minds minds her own business and has not marked my luggage, yet, which is a plus (besides, in case she did, we would probably have rabbit, for dinner...). Sun is shining and that helps, too.

Tonight I have bartered off an invitation to the grand opening of a new H&M into town. 

H&M??? Why???

Well, to start, the event has captured the attention of local fashion bloggers, because it is apparently the result of a new venture between H&M and the italian brand MARNI. However, I am not going there to meet up with local bloggers and discuss of fashion...
Despite the tempting 25 % discount on all the stock, only for today, this is neither the reason why I am going...

Attracting men at a women's night is a matter of fine psychology. Women would likely prefer to be accompanied by women: no boring-looking men around, freedom of chat, interesting and interested conversation about that lovely dressed that you have been wanting for a while.

But here comes the true Czech genius: the organization offers free Vodka!

This country has a bright future ahead.