Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some days in...Prague! Night one

Well events do not only is not only in Denmark, right?
After a weekend in Copenhagen, I have landed yesterday night in Prague.

The flight from CPH was ten minutes earlier and I was welcomed on the plain by the greatest anti-steward I could imagine: tall, built, with a hint of a tatoo that I could see on his neck (and which in my head it became a big tatoo of a dragon or a snake that I would see better when he will rip his shirt and hijack the plane). He asked me if I wanted something to drink. I played the macho card: "Beer". "Excellent choice, sir". So far so good.

I need some money and I decide to withdraw some cash instead of changing my Kroner at the local currency exchange office...I am an independent traveller and I have a credit card and I can take care of it.
So I choose the Unicredit's booth with instructinos in Italian (you know...heart's calling), I asked 2000 local crowns and of course the machine gives me ... one big 2000-crown bill. The bus ticket for the town is 32 crowns...

Of course, who would think that a newly arrived tourist at the airport needs small.
Luckily, local currency exchange office was still open...