Monday, March 12, 2012

Prague Day 1 and Night 2

Where were we? Oh yes, free vodka. Knowing that you have a time and date where to be at a certain point of the day tends to organize the whole day all around it.
I woke up late, bought a sandwich at a Tesco supermarket that is now in a building that must have been a market of sort, and walk up and down on Prague’s bridges. There is no closer feeling to freedom, than eating your sandwich while walking in a beautiful day.

I feel like if the water is the true soul of Prague: the river looks the same at all times. So are Prague’s art nouveau buildings. I am amazed by how architectonically consistent this city is: all buildings may look alike one another, with some exceptions like that pearl called Mala Strana. Yet, all buildings surprise the eye with great door, carefully symmetric balconies, shining decorations art nouveau. So does the river, every wave, every moment.
Eventually, night, H&M, and free vodka.

Nothing is better than vodka to cut one’s indecisions loose.

After a short discussion

Bernardo and Marie decided who gets what: dress for her, red trousers for him.