Friday, March 2, 2012

Run in Viborg!

It is spring and it is time to run!

The area around Viborg will host a season of runs, marathons, urban trails, runs through swamps and old mines, duathlon...everything a sport lover can desire in the great surrounding of one of the oldest towns in the country!

Sounds cool. What is the first run?
Hungry for running? You've got your occasion to put yourself to the test!
The running season starts with the Urban Trail, 10.6 km in the very Viborg!
You'll start on Sunday March 11, at 10am, here.
Fee: 295 Kr

Where to sign-up?
You may check the official website for more information, in Danish of course.
- every runs takes place at a different location, you may find the calendar of incoming runs here;
- you can become member of the club "I love run in Viborg", or even find the running club closer to you;
- you can make your personal training table, by seeing who trains where and when, by clicking here, and selecting the day (ugedag) and the town (by) on the left
- yet, you still have to sign up for every run separately (fees are variable). Check the calendar to keep up to date!

Have a good run! And let us know how it went by leaving a comment to this post!